Don’t underestimate food allergy and pay attention to your food.

Food allergy actually is not a small deal at all given how seriously it can turn into some fatal illness. Everyone may have food allergy at certain degree although the clinically proven cases are 5% for children and 4% for adults.

Food allergy involves two features of the human immune response. One is the release of immunoglobulin (IgE) and the other is the activation of mast cells. IgE is commonly known as antibodies that float through blood.  When allergen food is in-taken and digested, the specific IgE against this food is produced and released. It will then interact with mast cells to stimulate the release of certain chemicals such as histamine.  These chemicals will in turn cause food allergy symptoms, like itching and abdominal pain.  Certain severe cases could be breathing difficulties, diarrhea or even fever.

The entire process is complex in term of physiological and immunological interpretation.  What I just want to point out is that “Don’t  underestimate food allergy and pay attention to your food”. The common food allergies include:  peanuts, tree nuts such as walnuts , shellfish such as  shrimp, crab, and lobster, milk and eggs.  Please pay more attention to kid’s diet because their allergy pattern is somewhat different.

Dr. Gene Grantsman

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